Clean Williamsburg Pledge

The Clean Williamsburg Pledge is the simplest way to reduce the environmental impact of your business and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment. Led by Council Member Stephen Levin and the North Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, the Pledge is a community- based partnership that promotes positive business development while improving the quality of life for neighborhood residents.

Get Started

Decide which commitments you believe will improve the health of our neighborhood and your business. You only need to choose one commitment to become a Pledge signer.

Waste Management

Sidewalk Greening Maintenance

Responsible Purchasing

I, pledge to:

We, the Clean Williamsburg Initiators pledge to:

  1. Acknowledge and uniquely promote your business as a Clean Williamsburg Pledge Signer
  2. Provide Clean Williamsburg Welcome Kit and signage for storefront display indicating initiative participation.
  3. Provide regular information and access to business development incentives available through the Chamber, City, or State Legislation.
  4. Provide resources and materials to aid in the commitments you have made.

Thanks for Signing The Pledge

You will receive a free Welcome Kit with the tools and resources to make the positive changes you’ve committed to and to recognize your environmental leadership.