We can all do something about litter.

Curb Your Litter created several ways for Greenpointers to tackle our neighborhood’s litter problem together. You can either pitch in with your business, in your classroom, or on the streets.

Clean Neighborhood Pledge

If you run a business in Greenpoint or Williamsburg, we invite you to pledge to keep your neighborhood clean. This is a voluntary agreement that recognizes your commitment to keeping our community clean and your business efficient and sustainable.

The Pledge is the simplest way to reduce the environmental impact of your business and contribute to a healthier neighborhood.

Sign the Greenpoint Pledge   Sign the Williamsburg Pledge

Clean Up Day

We hosted 12 Neighborhood Clean Up Days with Neighbors Allied for Good Growth between 2015 – 2017. While cleaning up our streets and sidewalks was the main idea, each Clean Up Day is was an opportunity for volunteers to collect data and help us stop litter at the source. Together we picked up over 5,000 pounds of litter- and recycled 28% of it!

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Stay Informed

New York City creates over 36 thousands tons of trash every day! That’s a lot of garbage! Where does it all go and who makes those decisions? Why does it matter? Curb Your Litter worked with the Center for Urban Pedagogy to create the Talking Trash Curriculum Guide to provide educators and organizers with fun, hands-on activities based on the award winning, student-made documentary, Talking Trash: Throwing Out the Big Apple!

The DVD comes with a guide that includes eight hands-on activities and extension lessons which explore the journey of trash, from what we consume to where our trash goes after it's thrown away. Activities can be taught individually or as a series, and all are aligned with Common Core Learning standards. The curriculum guide also includes guiding questions for each section of the video, several pre-made worksheets, a glossary, and a few ideas for how to expand and adapt this curriculum your local community.

If you work or teach in Greenpoint, write hello@northbrooklynchamber.com to get a free copy of the Guide!