We can all do something about litter.

Curb Your Litter created several ways for Greenpointers to tackle our neighborhood’s litter problem together. You can either pitch in on the streets, with your business, or online.

Clean Greenpoint Pledge

If you run a business in Greenpoint, we invite you to take the Clean Greenpoint Pledge. This is a voluntary agreement that recognizes your commitment to keeping our community clean and your business efficient and sustainable.

The Pledge is the simplest way to reduce the environmental impact of your business and contribute to a healthier neighborhood.

Sign the Pledge

Clean Up Day

We are hosting 12 Neighborhood Clean Up Days with Neighbors Allied for Good Growth to get people out to do something about Greenpoint’s street litter problem. While cleaning up our streets and sidewalks is the main idea of these events, each Clean Up Day is an opportunity for Greenpointers to become citizen scientists to help us stop litter at the source. Find out what to expect at Curb Your Litter: Greenpoint Clean Up Days and the various ways you can get involved!

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Take Our Survey

This 10 question survey enables you to report litter problem areas, as well as share your ideas on how to make the neighborhood cleaner.