Brooklyn covers our interactive map

Press / Project Update — Published November 4, 2015 Brooklyn featured our interactive map today, writing:

“The group built an interactive map that lets users explore open government data about trash bins, recycling bins and litter, most of which is culled from 311. The map also lets you upload photos of litter you see, and drag and drop trash bins to where you think they would be well-placed. The effort comes from Caroline Bauer and Alan Minor, the director and community outreach coordinator, respectively, of Curb Your Litter: Greenpoint.

‘As urban planners, we agreed that the only way to do something about it was to build tools for the community to use to first make litter visible, and then second, come together to take responsibility for maintaining our streets and sidewalks,’ explained Bauer. ‘Thanks to a grant from the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund, we were able to partner with the Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce to roll out a three-part project to tackle our neighborhood’s litter problem with analysis, education and infrastructure upgrades.’ ”

Read the full article here.