Cleaning and Greening Northwest Greenpoint

Clean Up Day / No. 4 / Report — Published September 14, 2015

We held our fourth and last clean up day of 2015 on September 12.

We were fortunate to partner with Greening Greenpoint for this clean up day to incorporate tree pit care into the day’s activities. Just like us, Greening Greenpoint is also funded by the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund. The Greening Greenpoint team is developing and implementing a cutting edge, comprehensive urban forestry plan for Greenpoint to increase the tree canopy cover and promote healthy, long-lived trees to increase the environmental benefits that trees offer.

Little volunteers helping to mulch a tree pit in Northwestern Greenpoint. Photo by Sophie Plitt

Nearly 20 residents from the Clay Street Shelter also came out to focus on the litter near their home on the corner of Clay and Franklin. The shelter residents unfortunately receive a lot of criticism for littering the blocks in and around their home, but their hard work and dedication did a lot to rebuke this criticism. Sophie and Kathleen from Greening Greenpoint worked with the Clay Street residents to rake and mulch the tree pits around this section of the neighborhood.

Cleaning near Clay Street. Photo by Greg Mihalko

The 50 volunteers that came out for the clean up day enjoyed a great lunch from Cachaco and Adelina’s. We were very grateful to Greenpoint Reformed Church for hosting us in their big backyard. After lunch, our volunteer leaders helped us sort the trash for the litter characterization study. Not surprisingly, we found a lot of cigarette butts! Check out our results below.

Cindy, Noor and Joe sorting trash. Photo by Greg Mihalko